The origins of our design is not fortuitous, and yet to assume so tends to be the norm. Even so I believe we ultimately shape the very essence of our reality. Thus what one focuses their emotions on will take precedence. At times a challenge, but it is within reach to channel core visceral emotions into something that can be fully realized and transcending. 

I hold this philosophy close to heart even when making music, modeling, or using social media to help a cause.

I am also disabled with Myasthenia Gravis. Being in a wheelchair or using a walker can be challenging but it has not stopped me from being creative in the arts and helping others. I am honored to be the spokesperson for the Social Bleu app.


Social Bleu is a new innovative app that provides a new environment for those that want a safe space. Whether you feel too isolated from social distancing, disabled, have anxiety, or depression we welcome you to build true connections. Embrace new friends, love, and life with Social Bleu. For iPhone and soon Android. Try the app here.